irrelevantidentity_69 ([personal profile] irrelevantidentity_69) wrote2016-10-31 11:06 pm


Have you ever dated someone who never did anything but hurt you, and lie to you? Yes? Good then we can relate. No? I'm sorry. Its ahead. I never thought I would get my heart broken. But after getting my heart broken over and over again by the same guy.... Only people who have gone through this kind of pain can really understand when I say, it feels like this person has shattered your heart and you have to figure out how to tape all the pieces back together. But its still so fragile and you have to force some pieces to stay put. My two favorite songs at this time are 'I hate you, I love you.' And 'We don't talk anymore.' This guy that I'm dealing with has been such a jerk. And I wish I could say I'm over him. But I'm not. I wish I could move on as easily as he has, but I can't. Have you ever cried so hard and so long that you rock back and forth trying to catch your breath, and you've run out of tears to cry? That's what being truly heartbroken feels like.